Keynote EdCrunch, Moscow
November 2018

Edcrunch Moscow 2018

"In less than an hour Koen Timmers managed to describe the variety of ways of integrating social media in learning process, which was incredibly helpful! His presentation has really opened a new world to me." Erna Rudenko [Russia]

Debate GESF, Dubai
April 2018

Global Education and Skills Forum Dubai 2018

European Commission
June 2018

ICTdag, Leuven
March 2018

ICTdag 2018 Leuven

Guest Lecture, VUB University Brussels
December 2017

VUB Brussels

Teach for Belgium, Brussels
March 2017

Teach for Belgium 2017

NRC live, Rotterdam
October 2018

Masterclass GESF, Dubai
April 2018

Masterclass GESF Dubai 2018

Book launch GESF, Dubai
April 2018

Book Launch 2018 Dubai

Presentation, VUB University Brussels
June 2017

VUB Brussels

E2, Toronto
April 2017

E2 Toronto

GESF, Dubai
April 2017

 GESF Dubai 2017

NNSTOY, Washington D.C.
July 2017

NNSTOY Washington DC 2017

"Koen Timmers was dynamic, engaging, and helped each of us in the room see concrete ways to make education relevant for all children." Mike Soskil [USA]

QUDWA, Abu Dhabi
October 2017

QUDWA Abu Dhabi 2017

MTGS, India
July 2017

MTGS India 2016

Mesa, Austria
October 2016

Mesa Vienna 2016

OVSG, Brussels
June 2018

OVSG Brussel

Microsoft, Brussels
December 2016

Microsoft 2017